Studio Dou is pleased to announce Morteza Zahedi’s art talk in Istanbul, with contributions from the studio’s first students Meltem Şahin, Banu Batur,Uğur Altun,and Zozan Kotan. 

Morteza Zahedi is an international award-winning illusrator and contemporary artist, who was born on March 31, 1978 in Rasht. He lives and works in Tehran, and his works are exhibited worldwide. Along with presenting many solo exhibitions, he has also been a part of important group exhibitions and fairs. He has illustrated several children’s books that have been translated into more than 5 languages and published internationally. Currently, he teaches illustration at his personal studio in Tehran.

Studio Dou is the name of Saeed Ensafi and Sahar Bardaie’s personal studio located in Istanbul. This is their first international studio, and their second studio overall, along with their studio in Tehran. This art talk is their first event as Studio Dou.

--This event is limited to 15 guests.--
Poster illustration and design by Uğur Altun
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